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Magnetism is an invisible and influential force. Magnetic fields distort a metallic liquid into spectacular shapes that visualise magnetism in three dimensions. Subscribe to ABC Science YouTube 👉

Exploring the attractive and repulsive ability of magnetism. A special metallic liquid called ‘ferrofluid’ becomes magnetic when inside a magnetic field. Using powerful electromagnets, the strength and direction of the magnetic fields are varied to manipulate the ferrofluid. It twists and distorts into the shape of the field, revealing the influence of magnetism in three dimensions. Specially filmed using a state of the art motion control and a high speed camera, the movement and patterns of the fluid look alien and otherworldly.

Phenomena fuses art and science together to explore naturally occurring patterns, and the fundamental forces of nature that create them, to take us on an ambitious, innovative, and psychedelic journey through the fabric of the universe. Filmmaker Josef Gatti recreates nine ‘phenomena’ to produce mesmerizing art films, which are then paired with an original music score by Kim Moyes from Australian dance music duo The Presets. #PhenomenaTV

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