Star Forts or Stellar Fortresses

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Star forts, or as they are commonly called "Stellar" fortresses - continues to raise more and more questions that have not been answered or not. And the most unpleasant thing is that, most likely, in our lifetime these answers will not be found.

Now it is quite obvious that all the albums of the nineteenth century with drawings and plans, a description of the construction of these mysterious, not even structures, but rather formations, are gross forgeries. Man, most likely, has nothing to do with the creation of stellar forts. At least a person who is a representative of civilization, to which we relate ourselves, now living.

And in favor of this argument there is a considerable amount of evidence. The first and most convincing is the number of such forts scattered across all continents. Even the erection of one of them requires a huge amount of resources and time. And if you summarize all the "stars", then they would require millions of man-hours of work to create them. The construction of such a scale simply did not make sense, and even information about it could not have been lost in history.