THE GREATEST STORY - Part 28 - Where Did All the People Go?

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PLEASE READ: Many posts suggest longer exposure times prevent people from being seen. That is not the case when these photos were taken. For those who think people were evacuated in order to take a photo for a postcard (maybe they should have finished the streets and cleared the dirt), then accept that narrative if you want. Same thing with everyone inside working, going to school or in church. OK. Very quickly... Some of these photos were taken from a balloon/zeppelin... were they motionless for 5 minutes, or however long it took? There are earlier infant photos that are clear... did parents keep their child from moving, smiling, laughing, moving about? If a person were walking toward or away from the camera, they would remain within the line of perspective well enough to show them, and consider if there were 3, 4 or more people walking in a group or near each other... that would leave ghosting (and there IS ghosting in the odd place if you look close enough). How about the dog in the San Fran frame... stuffed and motionless? Lack of horses and carts, any of which would show up clearly as a big blur at the least. Now, below is a link to photos taken earlier, around 1956+); you will clearly not that there are subjects NOT posing, but in the picture... did they freeze for 5+ minutes way off in the distance? Use common sense and don't believe what you've been told about photography (we were given crap for cameras... the stuff was kept for them!), particularly if you distrust all the historical narrative:

OVERVIEW: It may be eerie to see few people around walking or with horse and cart, but nothing compared to cities that are nearly vacant or totally vacant, but why? Where are all the people if these major cities and locations have been populated for hundreds or thousands of years (according to the narrative)? What happened prior to these photos, all taken around the mid 1800s?

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