Satan Unbound (Full Documentary)

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We must remember to keep the Bible in its context, and understand how to read it. We must Remember it was the “fullness of time” in the FIRST century. It was “The last hour” in THAT generation. The kingdom was “At hand” in THAT generation.

Jesus said himself

-Matt 16:27-28 “The Son of Man will come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and then He will reward each according to his works. Assuredly, I say to you, there are some STANDING HERE who SHALL NOT TASTE DEATH till they see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom.”

-All the apostles and NT believers were “eagerly waiting"(php 3:20) on the Parousia in their times. We must be able to understand the biblical time statements and audience relevancy.

What we see in the Fabricated phantom duplication's of history of the millennium on earth was only a shadow of the eternal kingdom. We have to remember the heavenly things are often shadows of the earthly things and it tells us that in the Bible in many different places.

For example We know that Jesus said that he is the fulfillment of Sabbath rest. We also know that Man is not made for Sabbath but sabbath is made for men (mark 2:27). That eternal Sabbath is found in the risen Lord Jesus Christ. Which is why we are supposed to dwell “in Christ” , after God raised the man (Jesus) from the dead Jesus was placed in his glorified kingdom in his glorified body as the life-giving spirit(1 Cor 15), and that was the start of the true eternal kingdom which was consummated (manifest in fullness) at the fall of Jerusalem. This eternal kingdom has NO END and is WITHOUT SIGHT, and is where we as believers/saints are supposed to dwell.
(verses supporting no end- Luke 1:33,rev 11:15,psalm 89:29,Daniel 7:14 ect)(verses supporting spiritual/non observable - Luke 17:20)

Lastly Most of y’all know that history has been edited/re-written/distorted but I don’t think some really see the extent of it. Most agree ancient antiquity has been fabricated, but even most Renaissance paintings of kings & queens were faked/redone (That whole time period in general is very strange).And this is something pretty controversial and will show in the future. More coming soon. Like, Sub, & share if willing.