Seeing Through The Lies With Mudfossil Eyes. part 2

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This is a continuation from part one explaining more about what geologists see using models they create with science and what is actually true. Basalt whether intrusive or extrusive is very volatile when coming in contact with cold water and hydraulics, and if the gases cannot escape quick enough, especially steam which would be the case with intrusive basalt or magma you will get magmatic explosions which destroys everything and cannot leave perfect hexagonal patterns behind like geology claims. Steam itself has incredible force especially if it is trapped or captured. Our Earth and other Unseen realms "which I have proven exist in my other videos" is formed from a supernatural event and academia and geology in particular cannot and will not see the supernatural of something they cannot explain with science and that is their downfall. Geology is their Idol and they worship it! Academia has a bridled mind that follows mans science, pride, fame and money and it is their god and will cost them dearly at the end. They mislead humanity from the truth with nonsense, and away from Almighty God their Creator and they will be held accountable when they draw their last breath, and for denying God almighty it will cost them a price they are not willing to pay, but it will be to late.. We did not get here by a big bang and 5 billion years of evolution, and they also say we basically came from stardust to put is simple. What a slap in the face for Almighty God the Creator of all you see in the heavens and also realms you cannot see from our physical world.. Part 3 we will be going out in the field and looking up close at this biology that is not geology. I will also leave a link to Cape Stolbchaty Russia and the Incredible Biology that is there for you to go up and look at. ;amp;q=cape+stolbchaty&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS907US907&oq=&aqs=chrome.5.35i39i362l5j46i39i175i199i362j46i39i199i291i362j35i39i362.81674969j0j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8