Seeing Through The Lies With Mudfossil Eyes. Part 1

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There was more then one sample and testing done then what I show in the video, due to time I only gave one example. You can look at the others in the link below. This is part 1 of a possible 3 part series. In part 2 or 3 we will go out in the field and look at these tendon fibrils up close. Have you ever seen what happens when lava comes in contact with cold sea water? It is very violent and causes the lava to become very porous, the same thing would happen to magma under the surface. Geology believes that these columns are formed by cooling contraction and fracturing at different temperatures which allows nearby water from oceans, rivers and creeks to enter and cool them down and fracturing occurs to form the patterns we see and [I give one example in my video of the size of a sample used and manipulated] this is simply not true, if it is true then why do they form in tendon bundles as I show in this video? Chance? Blind luck? It is because they are biological and not a geological process formed from magma below the surface. its is not Igneous intrusive basalt in any way shape or form because for one thing they have never been any liquidous form of magma, no smelting process has ever occurred with these columns. Period! Geologists believe it is because of all the volcanic activity that surrounds them in places like Iceland, devils post pile, and other places on earth. Here is the link to their science leading them to believe they have figured out how they are formed. Disclosing Columnar Jointing In Lavas, published 12 April 2018, studies done at Experimental Volcanology and Geothermal Laboratory University of Liverpool, They used little samples taken from these columns and based everything we see around the world on these tests and assumptions from these very very small samples. A cored sample is taken from the column 170mm then it is ground down into the shape of a dog bone so it can be clamped at both ends that is 20mm x 10mm diameter and other lengths and diameters as well, then they were heated and cooled down and evidence of fracturing is observed at certain temperatures, other samples were ground down into discs forms of 40mm diameter x20mm and stressed tested as well. Their were more than one test performed in these samples taken then manipulated and fracturing occurred depending on column size and type of manipulation. Then they took numbers and applied formulas and lots of assumptions that this would account for what they see in nature. ABSOLUTELY ABSURED! and that is not how these columns are formed. One of the main reasons that the biology is hard to see is the amount of decay and rotted biology, and a lot of it is missing and turned to fluids just like a rotting corpse transitions to indescribable biology, it will not look like text book anatomy or biology, plus it is on a scale that we humans are just a microbe in comparison.