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I hope this information will give you a better foundation as you re-read the Bible, or read for the first time. I feel you will also gain a higher understanding of the Millennial Kingdom, or Kingdom of God, as the New Testament characters not only played major roles in establishing the early Christian communities, but continued their roles in the subsequent Kingdom.

Not all of the information can be found in the Bible. Some bits and pieces come from the early church historians, that are then corroborated by repetitive themes throughout the artwork of the Kingdom period. I have done my absolute best to be as accurate as possible. Of course there is so, so much more to learn about with each saint featured in this video. But I feel that this is a solid core that you can build upon as you explore Tartaria ;)

My favorite saint is Saint Paul. I think it’s cool that he was so smart that God picked him to write a lot of the most important book ever created. I like that St. Paul is very serious and has an obsessive personality towards a cause. At first he used this talent for destruction, but he was blinded by the enemy and God knew there was a good man in there. Then Paul used his fanatical nature for good and became a fearless evangelist in the face of intense persecution.

It’s interesting to me that Paul is still persecuted to this day, as the Enemy sows seeds of doubt about Paul’s writings, presenting tripping blocks even for Christians. It’s honorable to be persecuted by the Adversary, and even more so if it persists 1200 years into the future. I chose Paul as my patron saint, because to me, he is the Patron Saint of Based. I love you Paul!

Another saint who I love is Saint John the Baptist. I can’t quite peg what John’s personality is like, but whenever I see a painting of him I just feel an intense love for him that sometimes makes me well up with tears (haha). I’m also looking forward to painting lessons from Saint Luke, who I think of as the cool uncle I never had.

I love all of the saints so much and I love learning about their lives before and during the Kingdom, and the special jobs that God gave them based on their talents. I look forward to creating more content about the saints in the future, but for now, I will be moving into some other topics.

Thanks for watching :)

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