How Long The Re Set Has Been Promised after Armageddon Fun still exist

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The stones are crying out. You are alive on a MATRIX. You are not ALONE. You are not an "UNBELIEVER." You are only unpersuaded.
It is my duty to use facts. The facts should be only judged by standards accepted: Using legal, scientific, mathematical facts (base 9, base 10, base 20, fractal, etc. but no Quantum Physics without proof and no round numbers, that's final God did not use round numbers.) or Logic.
I can prove by facts the following:
All elements are grown on a MATRIX.
Money has no intrinsic value including gold and silver.
Giants were a fact as taught in the Holy Scripture and legend of the past.
The tunnels found in the mountains along with every cave system is fossilized remains of Giants.
Humans are related to giants through DNA.
We are living in the post apocalyptic era and we are walking on the bones of our ancestors because the fossils of our ancestors are the stones we walk on everyday.
The CHINA CAVE GROTTOS are not Megaliths, they are giants.
The NEW ENGLAND ROCK WALLS are the outline of giant fossilized people.
The same people who covered up the Flat Earth are mining the MATRIX in a way destroying the planet.
Yes, it's the ILLUMINATI, and it all goes back to anti-Christ Rome.
12-11-2019: I learned last the Roman Church is a recent invention to give thier evil actions today credibility; the real power is the Rosicrucian's and the Witchcraft they use in spell casting. Sad but true, the deep things of Satan are deep indeed.
Alan Hughes, Uncompahgre Plateau, same as above date 12-11-2019 (2:55 mt)
This is the Truth as I see things now and welcome all Biblical debate. I will change as guided by Scripture alone. (Please, no Enoch, Esdras, and Gospel of Mary Magdalene.)