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Wow, a flat, round map from 1587 fits over the Globe just like today.►$UAPch►Support UAP:► - download my music and more!►►Buy UAPs Artwork: UAP Channel with your linguistic prowess!►Translate English title and description from English►Captioning text (auto generates in English needing correction)►Translate captioned text from EnglishIf I’m doing something elsewhere on YouTube it will be at “UAP Channel” on in my vids are usually self-composed and performed by me, UAP, and may be found listed below and on my website for downloading any tracks you choose at the price you want to pay.✅ sample & download the HQ by albumUAP Original Music Album 1 | Electric Eve Original Music Album 2 | MudfloodPre-orderWho is UAP?UAP (as conferred by my subs) stands for Underrated Actual Physicist. I’m Orthodox in faith and technologically inclined by profession, but my nature here is rebellious... it usually lines up with the traditional wisdom of Church Fathers, and knowledge of the Ancients by way of THE scientific method;1. OBSERVABLE2. REPEATABLE3. REPRODUCIBLEIt’s low-key revolutionary.What’s this UAP doing on YouTube?I’m making videos at a rate of about one per day,1. Championing God’s Word by inspiring vs. conspiring2. Remediation of Science Education, Mystery History, MSM3. Proposing of alternative narrativesHow?Logic, learning, and fun, frivolous, wild speculation!...maybe!Essentially esoteric, I demand questions about about narratives in pop-sci culture. Firstly, I academically reject untestable premises. Lastly, if my wild conjecture verifies, I’m seeing it end up actually being validated more often than not.Levity combined with serious Biblical direction for inspiration to buck ubiquitous indoctrination by the imposition of Scientism’s 🧚‍♀️ tales.Orthodox Scriptures have been assaulted systematically, and contradicted line and verse by hypotheses based on systemic assumptions taught as fact. These heretofore unchallenged programmers’ notions are my targets of opportunity.►If you have videos or articles you want me to see please do send to Sources for this video:1. My creative voiceovers, graphics, parodies, screenshots of research highlights, and maybe some2. Clippings of materials selected for news reporting,Novel assembly and editing for editorial research summary presentation by me as “UAP”. It’s criticism by questioning the rote narratives of consensus through parody.I’m not criticizing the people misguided by the false lessons. I’m against lessons that begin with “imagine”. We reject the premise!Images, video, audio, lyrics, quotations, names, titles, places, and music not belonging to me are only used carefully when:licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution...(,granted by permission of the rights holder,when public domain,as necessary in transformatively original creative work by fair use of copyrighted materials...,parody or transformative artistic works,for original and/or collaborative research,iabridged for criticism and scholarly review e.g. a montage,discovery/investigative/inquiry reporting,for educational critique and collaboration.Some parodies incl. musical and voice performances by me of another’s copyrighted composition may be revenue-shared content used by official licensed sharing agreements made in accordance with YouTube policy, or used by special permission of the rights holder.►Content (and life) costs money to make. my content with ads: Contact me at“B-sides” on my other channel and that is called “UAP Channel” on Youtube, the original audio and video content uploaded here are my property and all rights are reserved. Re-use permitted only with my express written permission, as via account ownership or by my representative.►live stream, live chat, and video comments POLICY:I like to keep it FAMILY FRIENDLY! if it isn’t I’ll make it very clear and age-restrict it. Otherwise, imagine an elementary school classroom reading your chosen words aloud.Inappropriate content, foul language, inappropriate innuendo, hate speech, vain use of the Name of my Heavenly Father, the Lord Jesus the Christ, the Holy Spirit, a.k.a. God, also offending of another’s religion. Bullying, filthy snide remarks, etc. are not tolerated.