The Book Of Baruch: The Great Trees

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The apocryphal Book of Baruch, The Great Tree And Vine At The Beginning Of Time.Our story begins in Jerusalem, as Baruch, who was the Scribe to Jeremiah, is lamenting the destruction of the Temple and the capture and transfer of the Hebrews. He goes to a private place and prays to God. He’s given a vision where he seems to go back in time to the beginning of the creation, where he sees some of The Most High’s first creations, living trees, and a vine, that can speak. I found this section seems to correlate to the stories of a.) Jesus curing the blind man who then sees 'men as trees',And the references to fallen angels, angels and men being trees in the Book of Enoch and The Book If The Giants. Also, it correlates to “if the rocks could speak, they would cry out” and in Paul’s vision where the earth and water are talking to The Most High God, yeshua, Yahushuah Ha Maschiach. Also, I thought it worth mentioning, in the text, as He is discussing the earth’s major kingdoms, the 4th and final kingdom he is referring to is Rome... again. They are the beast which was wounded but rises to power for a second time. Then there’s mystery Babylon, jerUSAlem, the Roman Eagle State... and much, much more. As you can see there’s quite a bit of prophecy in the text. Baruch was the Scribe to Jeremiah. Many people say apocrypha is not scripture or inspired, or weren’t in the Bible, but we now know it was. The Catholic Church admits to taking them out. If you aren’t sure... watch till the end. Or research Origen and Jerome and some of the other founding “fathers” of the early church. There are many recorded discussions throughout history and official admittance that they took out many full books. Some were in the Bible for thousands of years before they took them out. As well one can read about the nicean, laodicean and other church councils which admittedly took texts out of the Bible. They did this because certain stories seemed too strange for them, like Jonah and the Whale, Daniel in the Lions Den, even Christ on the cross. They removed Enoch, a lot of cosmology pieces like Baruch here, Ezra, Solomon... Jasher, Sirach, it goes on and on.The books they removed from many Bibles were later ‘apocrypha’ - Don’t confuse it with the pseudepigrapha, which is known to not be real. After the church was founded and texts began to spread, many thinkers of the time began to question the reliability of these original portions of scripture, deeming them ‘too crazy’ or ‘too strange’. They made fun of the scripture, ceaselessly, and eventually their apostasy began to work. So these texts which should never have been removed, were. Later some Bibles put them back in. Apocryphal and apocalyptic means “uncovering"... translated literally from Greek, it is “a disclosure of knowledge” i.e., “a lifting of the veil or revelation.” (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis, from “ἀπό and καλύπτω” mean “uncovering")Thank you for watching. Please remember to like, share and subscribe. God bless.If you would like to see the full movie about Baruch’s bullae and the amazing discoveries nearby, it’s here in this movie: Bitchute account for backup - Best proofs