Man Says; ‘I Have Seen The Ice Wall!’ F-E

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For the naysayers, this is the third time I’ve received a letter of this type. The first was from a Navy member, another said he worked on the ice shelf itself, with maps and surveying work, and the third is this letter. They all described a lot of the same things.“David” says he was hired to work in Antarctica and saw the ice wall. He says he wants help from the FE community on determining the validity of a sample he kept, and possibly some other assistance as well to prove parts of his story. He’s asked me to make a video about it to get some attention. I’ve asked him to write me back but he has yet to, so hopefully (we’ll see) this video will get his attention.To the commenters saying it’s an ice shelf, look again, they go for hundreds and thousands of miles. Look at the shots in this video on pause, they are tremendous in scope and are difficult to actually fathom the scope of area because it is so flat, white and bland... the vanishing point is distorted and scale is out of perspective. Some of the scenes have people or boats for a bit of reference, the airplane shots into the vast unknown show an incredibly large area, with the huge 300 foot ice wall looking like a tiny crack in some snow. None of the pictures do it justice.More to follow.God bless everyone.