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NASA and Facebook worked together to trick the public into thinking that they were watching a live feed from the International Space Station. This video gives a step by step breakdown of how NASA and Facebook conspired together to trick the public as well as an in depth analysis of the footage that was shown. After watching this video it should become apparent that the ISS is a Hoax!!! And not only that but that the government is truly in control of Facebook behind the scenes.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Anyone who wishes to donate to the Flat Earth Asshole Channel, can do so by clicking on the link below. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and help me continue to do what I do. Thank you all. Official shirt designed and worn by the Flat Earth Asshole is now available to own! The phrase invented by FEA which asks the all important question "Lunar Module? Or....Homeless Tweaker's Shelter?" is the ultimate ice breaker and conversation starter! Fry folk's minds and melt people's thoughts as you walk down the street in style! Available as a shirt, hoodie or mug, this design is guaranteed to get reactions! Order Now! you LOVE to talk about FLAT EARTH??? Do you LOVE to spread Awareness and Truth??? If you answered yes to both those questions than you should definitely order this shirt!!!SIMPLE. EFFECTIVE. SMART.This shirt is GUARANTEED to get people to ask YOU about the most important subject ever known FLAT EARTH!!!