Flood Bodies-Part II-Petrified Remains Of The Children Of Cain(mudfossil)

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I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MUSIC OR PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS VIDEOThis is the second part in the Flood Bodies series. I examine another petrified serpent child. The past we were taught was not the truth. There are the remains of giants (nephilim) all over the earth. We have good researchers crying about the powers and principalities that hid the bones and so much more. Yet they won't acknowledge the fact that there are giant petrified snake beings everywhere. For some it has become truly about money and selling merchandise. This IS NOT A STATUE, it is a petrified person, serpent child. These things are all over the earth just like pyramids and a few other things. Any history other than a biblicaly based one is wrong. This is an idea we need to get on board with. Getting to choose what we believe in is an illusion the powers and principalities have fooled us in to thinking. There is only one choice, follow YHWH or follow ba'al. This is what scripture says, there isn't a book that says otherwise. All the "scientists" have tried forcing the idea that "religion" is a primitive belief. Religion is the belief of those who will not look into the hard topics like this. If it goes against the grain then it is more than likely the right thing to do. If its not in the "official cannon" as put forth by the satanic priesthood of the roman catholic church, then it's probably something we should read.If they left it out or deemed it heretical it means they knew it would start to wake people up from their lies. Lets' wake up and take the fight to the enemy for a change.