Christ=Flat Earth Protector- Christ loves Steam Power. Bet me.

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Renewable energy, how much time has the world wasted thinking about ways to save energy? Everyone wants to save precious resources, right? NO! I can prove that Big Oil has had the answer all this time. The answer WAS steam. Our country was built at a record pace because we were powered by steam.Why do we waste food to use as a supplement because we know that burning gas is wasteful. What would it take for you or anyone to admit they were wrong? If you watch and still cannot see that this silence on the past production and future possibles of steam power has been, and MUST have been a concerted effort to silence any opposition to an oil based future. Equally, both parties must have worked together for in only one generation the World has forgotten the production and potential of the Industrial revolution powered by boiling water. Please don't be a fool and mention that to heat the water you have to burn a tree. Please use your brain. That is the definition of renew recycle, Every tree gives off a thousand seeds. Trees are a crop. And the only reason the act like they care about chopping down the Rain Forest is that you can't go 10 miles in the Amazon without tripping over more pyramids and other man made wonders.Help us caption & translate this video!