The Timeline Deception - Exploring Tartaria

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In this video, I explain that \\\"Tartaria\\\" was the Millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and that we live at the end of the post-Millennial \\\"Little Season\\\".\\n\\nThank you to everyone who has researched Tartaria, from Youtube, forums, and Instagram. Now let\\\'s gain even more knowledge and wisdom by understanding that we are looking back at the Millennial Kingdom! There are so many incredible things to discover. I believe you will enjoy looking at the relics of our past even more with this understanding!\\n\\nSpecial shout out to the Youtubers who have dedicated many hours already to ironing out this theory: Conspiracy R Us, UAP, and FENDAP.\\n\\nStay tuned for Part II!\\n\\n✠ \\n\\n✠ \\n\\n✠ Email: