(FE) Enoch: The Courses Of The Heavenly Luminaries & The True Calendar

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Enoch and the Creator’s Calendarhttps://zadokway.com/calendar/ —https://zadokway.com/2019/03/updated-zadokite-calendar-2019-2020/A reading of the Courses Of The Heavens, Or, The Courses Of The Heavenly Luminaries From the Book Of Enoch.Sealed away for thousands of years, then unsealed in this remote generation, when it’s knowledge confirms so much and has so much meaning and impact... How could a simple desert dweller 5000 years ago have seen the seven continents? How could he have known how many types of coniferous trees there are? How could he have perfectly mapped all the details of the movements of the sun, moon and stars over the earth? And how could he have known it was them moving and not the earth as so many, (in opposition to the Holy Scripture) have believed? This and many more secrets are expounded upon and found within these inspired pages.Blocked and banned worldwide many times FE EXPLAINED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_AR-9zbv7cThe Truth About Big Science (why it’s now just another false religion). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcpxYdvHc9cThank you for watching,God bless everyone.Glen