King Solomon's Demon - Shooting Stars Are Demons (Baraq) The Apocrypha

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Ashmedai: King Solomon’s Demon plus The Testament of SolomonMany interesting points are found in these texts. Isn’t it amazing how The Most High does things? First demons manipulated mankind into building temples to worship them, so then God gives Solomon (human) the ability to bind the demons, and puts them to work building the temple for His worship... amazing! Also, note that the one female demon is put to work spinning the ropes of hemp to build the Temple, which lines up with the new findings re: KanehBosm. I will probably do a piece on that soon. God bless everyone.Contents:In this movie, first I read “Ashmedai: The King Of Demons", an old Midrash., I read the Testament Of Solomon. here... book is mentioned in the scripture about the female demon spinning hemp... it is referenced in this important movie.