Flood Bodies Part 3-Petrified remains of the pre-Flood civilization(mudfossil)

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I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MUSIC OR PHOTOS USED IN THIS VIDEOThis is the third video in my Flood Bodies series. Flood Bodies is a name I came up with to differentiate between the petrified remains of people and animals versus the petrified remains of nephilim and rephaim. Flood Bodies are more statue like. I assure you though, they aren't statues. These were once people that were alive on the same flat earth we now live on. This is the people that was destroyed in YHWH's holy wrath. Come see the way these hybrid serpent children looked. See how they dressed. See the looks of despair as they were being consumed by their sins. The Flood was a real event, despite what mainstream science says. They explain away the flood because deep down it scares them. They know they are lying about everything and that their time is running short. Enjoy the video and thanx for watching.