Mudfossil Basics - What is Mud Fossil??

Mudfossil Basics - What is Mud Fossil??

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Our so-called myths and legends are full of stories about Ancient Titans, Giants, Dragons, Leviathans, Dinosaurs and Mega Monsters. The Ancients say that the Earth is Alive, but what do they mean??Mud Fossil is a new cutting edge, scientific way of looking at ancient geology. Professor Roger of MudFossil University on Youtube has banging on about this for 6-years now..And we have scientific tests and research to 100% prove this is the real deal.Please join Mudfossil University and subscribe to this and other videos to learn more..Welcome to Lionville where we boldly explore all areas of knowledge, scientific or otherwise, that the public brain-washing institutions(Universities or better yet, 'Quackademic') do not want to touch.


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