Shape Shifting Sky Plasma 3/12/18

Shape Shifting Sky Plasma 3/12/18

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Video Credit: eden farrarOriginal Video Link: For WatchingEmail us: Flyingobjectz@gmail.comTwitter: @flyingobjectzBesides providing a platform for people to connect, share and discuss UFO sightings we have more goals for this channel. FlyingObjectz as a channel will help raise awareness and money for adoptive dogs.I adopted a Peagle (Pekingese x Beagle) named MAJOR From a shelter named HAWS, but he may as well adopted me because he has helped me greatly in my overall balance and wellness. Besides all that mushy stuff he is fun and alwayz down to go UFO hunting. If you enjoy UFO hunting as we do you should alwayz keep in mind adopting your own UFO hunting pal. We will ask that you keep in mind anyone can buy a dog. But adopting a dog is much more rewarding. Mix breeds usually have less health problems than a pure breed would have, plus the shelters are packed fully of funny characters waiting to go home with the right human. (You can't buy LOVE but you can ADOPT it) But if you can't adopt and still feel like you want to help the pupz you can always make a general donation. Whatever you think is necessary or can afford EVERYTHING IS GREATLY APPRECIATED BY OUR FURRY FRIENDZ! Thanks for reading below is more about the shelter we our supporting. -JTHumane Animal Welfare Society (HAWS)What is HAWS...HAWS is a charitable, non-profit organization funded primarily by donations and fundraising events.General donations, both of money and supplies, help us provide shelter 24/7/365 for lost, abandoned, unwanted or stray companion pets. These are welcome any time!HAWS Website Link: Direct Donation Link:


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