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Clarification on what I said in my video: ICBMs and nuclear weapons absolutely DO NOT EXIST. And if you think they do - then you better cite some personally verifiable evidence that you didn't get from the same people who control ALL INFORMATION!! Also, yes some technology DOES exist - IE the ability to chemtrail and modify the weather, etc. But do they have everything they claim to have? NO!!! Yes they have directed energy weapons HOWEVER they are not using them to strike major cities or kill off their slaves/property AKA YOU!! Would the border collies be allowed to start killing all the Shepards sheep? HELL NO. You are property of your masters and no one is out there killing their own property when you have value to them - alive!! THE SECRET above all secrets they are keeping from you, when you waste time on stupid channel's like Never loose truth talking about directed energy weapons and chemtrails, is the CATASTROPHE THAT AWAITS US ALL. BETTER WAKE UP SOON. And if you cannot start using your OWN SENSES and pay attention to the position of the sun and the color of the sun ALL OVER THE WORLD, all through out the day, especially sunrise and sets, and tell me that you think that is normal or its caused from chemtrails, then you will get your deserved fate.****To find out if membership is open to new members, you must visit my website.By joining my private website, you get THE ULTIMATE TRUTH YOU HAVE BEEN SEEKING. You get all the private website content I've posted so far, my entire previously public video collection from my youtube channel, access to groups forming to prepare all across the world, as well as the forums to meet other REAL seekers.My newest ongoing series on my website is "The Masters and Controllers" series, where I show you who is ultimately controlling the world, how and why.Specific directions on how to join my website, as well as my PayPal email address to use, can be found on the ABOUT page of my website. CLICK THE ABOUT LINK IN THE TOP NAVIGATION BAR OF MY WEBSITE. The ABOUT page is PUBLIC for all to view (other pages require membership to view).https://miasnewpairofglasses.com/about/Brian and I have two separate websites that handle different aspects. His site only has educational video content about the model (no community discussion areas), more on the catastrophe, the sun series, the moon series, packing/survival series based on obstacles we will face during the catastrophe, decoding of the controllers messages and more. His site can be found at brianaustinlambert33.comFor the basics on the 100% Correct Working Model and to find out the whole puzzle that leads to all of the pieces that make up our world, sub to Brianaustinlambert33 Channel.Brianaustinlambert33 Channel - If links in description do not work, just search brianaustinlambert33 on the Youtube search bar.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCraUAp5VMf4scG91F3OgWgQTo understand the catastrophe we are talking about and to watch a video that PROVES the population has suffered many catastrophes over history, go to these vids on Brianaustinlambert33 channel:Part 2.6 Undecillion: The Numbers Just Don't Add Up on the Flat Earth! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwDDO...Combined Parts 1 - 23: 100% Correct Working Model of Everything on the Flat Earth! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clcad...You can now follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/MyPeachyMiaSub to my back up charnel:Mia's New Pair of Glasses 2https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtSW...Stay safeGod bless