Oct. 2017 - Thousands witness the Sun Blinking, turning Black and Red, Holographic Moon and Sun

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Some natural phenomenon do involve reddish sun, but when it starts blinking, turning black and even changing its shape... it seems this is something else...If you wish to submit additional resources - www.megaliths.org/ancient_history/contact.php (please note that youtube message/ facebook messages/ anything else is not monitored)To report inaccuracies in the NewEarth videos - https://forum.megaliths.org/viewforum.php?f=7&sid=9a84653d02303ad9b8564fe6e8bd736cDIRECTORY OF INTERESTING HISTORIC SITES - https://megaliths.org/browseHow and why are the NewEarth videos madehttps://youtu.be/DNBPcgMNdywhttps://youtu.be/X2WZMmmexvohttps://www.facebook.com/groups/newearthvideos/https://twitter.com/newearthvideosTo get sure you don't lose contact with the NewEarth news please also subscribe to the newsletter on the website https://megaliths.org/ancient_history/news.phpDo you wish to ask the NewEarth lady a question - https://forum.megaliths.org/viewforum.php?f=8 (only short questions, exclusively regarding the content of the videos)THE ONLY WAY TO CONTACT THE CREATORS OF THESE VIDEOS IS FROM THE CONTACT PAGE OF MEGALTITHS.ORG, anything else will not be received/read.