The moon DID not give her light- on PURIM 3/21!!!!

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Hi guys!I saw a video in which the moon was darkened on 3/21/19.There was what appeared to be a fake moon in the sky(no craters, too bright) It led to the appearance of there being two moons.There was a blood moon (unexpected) on 3/20/2019Purim was on 3/20,21/2019.I was seeing very stressed faces of the Satanist/Illuminati but did not understand till last night after prayer this was all revealed to me.I was not even searching for this matter and was not aware at all.When I went back and reviewed the articles and tv show clips.THEY were talking about it. The moon was dark!!!They are talking about the Sign in the MOON!!!The moon appeared blood red on 3/20 especially over New York and Paris.Links: Moons!??? 😱 Jesus is coming!!!! 03/21/2019